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Trade it or Keep?

Should I keep it, fix it or trade it in?   The real question should be, "Will my old car cost me more a month to drive (in fuel, maintenance and insurance) than another newer or better car?".

Think of big maintenance bills simply as a car rental fee. What would my car be worth a month to drive if I could just rent it? Would it be worth $200 or $600?

I tell everyone that ANY car is worth $200 a month to drive or $2400 a year for the privilege of having the car at your disposal. Other cars and trucks are worth more. A three year old Toyota may be worth $300 a month, a new Suburban can be worth $400 a month and a new Mercedes may be worth $500 or more. But basically, any car is at least ...
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Website Launch Announcement: Acorn Tire & Service Launches New Site

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website. The site features a fresh look, easy navigation and more focus on what the customer needs.

The new site offers inventory listings with pictures and specs. You can search a variety of ways including by vehicle and size.

With the addition of our blog, we are able to help inform and educate our customers on important tire and service information.

We invite you to visit our new website today.

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